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Consider asking a potential breeder the list of questions below:

Our Answers are in red!


What health testing is done prior to breeding?  May I see those test results?

We do all health testing recommended by the Lagotto Club of America.  All test

results can be found on our website, there is a link for each dog.


Are you a member of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America?  In not, why?



How many litters do you have a year and how do you decide on the particular breeding?

We have a couple litters a year. 

Each litter is carefully planned to produce the best temperament and quality.

Will a puppy be chosen for me?  If so, how do you make that decision?

We help you choose a puppy that will best fit your families’ needs.

What if I want a specific color?

We cant guarentee color as we do not know what color the puppies will be till they are born. 

If you want a specific color you may have to wait through several litters as  we may not have that color puppy.


What activities do you participate in with your dogs to ensure they are evaluated from an outside source?  

Our dogs are shown at AKC events & complete their AKC Championships.

We also do AKC Canine Good Citizen


Do you have a contract and does it offer a health guarantee?  Can I see your terms before I commit to a puppy?

We have a companion non-breeding contract and offer a 2-year health guarantee.


Do you require a deposit to be placed on a waiting list?  If so, is it refundable if I change my mind or if a planned litter is not produced?

Our puppies are $4,000.00 and We require a $500 deposit along with our application to reserve a puppy.

The deposit is nonrefundable should you change your mind or not want a puppy that is available.


Will I be provided with an AKC registration application upon receipt of my puppy?  Will the puppy be required to be spayed or neutered?

The puppy is required to be spayed/neutered.  We offer an AKC package (that is included in the price of the puppy) that includes the

AKC Registration Certificate, a lifetime Training Help line, 30-day free

AKC pet insurance, a free vet visit and a lifetime AKC Reunite microchip registration.


Do your puppies have a health check by a veterinarian, vaccinations, microchip and worming?  Will I be provided with documentation?

Yes, our puppies are wormed, microchipped and have their 1st set of puppy vaccines. 

You will receive a Health Certificate from our veterinarian.


What are your practices for raising puppies to provide socialization and enrichment?

Our puppies are raised in our home and socialized with friends, family & other dogs.


Will you provide me with written instructions on feeding, care, training and grooming?

We provide a lot of material to help you raise your puppy. 

We are also available for the life of your dog for any questions or concerns you may have.

How will we get our puppy?

We do NOT ship.  You must pick up your puppy in person at either our address or the Buffalo International Airport

(Where your puppy can be taken home with you as a carry on in the cabin)


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